Where to buy the Andy Warhol Paintings?

 warhol art Andy Warhol was Responsible for the introduction of a school of thought in painting. Before Andy Warhol, painting was thought of as the something associated with the depiction of the elites and the aristocrats. Warhol contradicted these preexisting notions in his paintings. He explained that paintings could draw their inspiration from the most common place things in life. The painter should only have the perfect mind to have the ability to portray it. Warhol drew his Attention from things that are changing. As a matter of fact, the inspiration behind his paintings has frequently entertained the artists. Warhol used a ‘soup can’ picture as his inspiration and produced several paintings that revolved round the young individuals. Warhol shoe painting is still another master-piece from the artist. In this painting he mimicked brightly colored shoes against the background of a dark shade.

This painting became quite popular and directed Warhol’s journey to the Television and press. Warhol was also hugely inspired by the journey of Marilyn Monroe. Her transition from being a frequent woman to being the most renowned artist of her age was intriguing to Andy. Andy painted many paintings of Marilyn Monroe. The interesting part is that each of these paintings he made of Marilyn Monroe is an adaptation of one picture of hers. Andy also picked up the contentious issues of the society and depicted the issues related together in his paintings. He released many series which were based on the andy warhol art for sale cultural and social issues of his times. His gun set of paintings remains a subject of much debate amongst the art critics.

These paintings promulgated in the public eye the downsides of the growing use of guns in the American society. Andy Warhol paintings supplied food for thought to a lot of men and women. They do incite people to believe. Throughout his life, Andy Warhol tried to see inspiration and inspiration in things which make life of the common. Whereas he had been a celebrated artist, his works speak only of all of the attraction he held for the life span of the common. Warhol painted to Promulgate issues which were considered trifle or simply or below standard in the painting age which existed before him. He carved his niche. The best thing about Andy Warhol painting was that his artwork was affordable. The costs were not the sort that would have left you bankrupted. Hence, many art fans, regardless of the financial positions, managed to afford Andy Warhol first bits. Recently, many of Andy Warhol Paintings have found place in various channels such as fashions, media etc. This is because Andy’s paintings have been quite influential in molding the thought process of countless society.