Corporate Event Planning for Special Events

We were recently worked with as the company occasion management business to produce a company anniversary event in Las Vegas. For this occasion, we definitely went outside the corporate event planning box. Here are some company event concepts we developed with the client for this unique evening.Corporate Events

One of the first company event suggestions we carried out was to mount rounded tables that seated 30 and also 40 guests at each table. Normally, for any type of celebration planning, whether it is company event planning or gathering planning, round tables seat 10 to 12 visitors each. The good news is, I work with a very gifted group of vendors that sustain my corporate events Barcelona and we had the ability to build the huge table’s day-of to fit visitor seating for 30 and 40 people. However, because we raised the dimension of the tables to 20 feet and also 24 feet in size to fit 30 and 40 visitors specifically, we had to raise the dimension of every little thing else also consisting of the bed linens and the centerpieces. Our bed linens were 25 feet and also 29 feet in size for the wine red underlays and 22 feet and 26 feet in size for the cream color overlays respectively.

We had lots of business occasion concepts for the flowers however chose a very conventional arrangement using our room shades of wine red, gold and ivory. Mounting the blossoms was quite tricky. We actually needed to have the flower designer climb on top of the table without their shoes in order to reach the center and begin developing the focal point in an outward direction towards the visitor seats. In addition to the facility flower, in all the specific large tables we positioned 8 satellite flower setups and over 20 votive candle lights in order for these tables to mirror the various other normal sized tables in the space. The setup of this event took lots of meetings and company event planning in order to perform the set up in 8 hrs.

As soon as the flowers were set, the providing team dealt with the space with the gold beaded chargers, specialty folded up napkins, a glass of wine and water glasses. We also placed at each specific location setting a gold delicious chocolate medallion to represent the relevance of this special anniversary. Like various other company event administration business, we worked carefully with our customer to learn what unique element we can give this event to make it memorable. The client surprised their guests by supplying directly from China actors that performed the ancient Chinese remarkable art of Bian Lian face altering. The entertainers wore brilliantly colored costumes and strongly tinted masks which they transformed in a fraction of a second while transferring to fast dramatic music. It was absolutely stunning to enjoy.